It is true that necessity is the mother of invention. Planet Love Life was conceived as a partial solution to a large planet wide pollution problem.

Marine Rope DebrisIf you walk on almost any beach on the planet, you are guaranteed to see beach trash. Marine debris comes in a wide variety of harmful forms. From small pieces of micro plastic to large bundles of nautical nets & rope. Floating debris poses a real threat to wildlife. There are literally TONS of colorful and usable beach rope that washes ashore everyday. These rope balls can cause wildlife entanglement and destroy coral reefs/ The amount of debris that washes ashore and it's impact on the environment is increasing exponentially.

Planet love life brand product concept idea designPlanet Love Life creators (Rob & Brittany Webster) have always had a passion for the environment and a love for life.  It was while directing a marine science educational summer camp called "Wild Studies" in the Bahamas, that the concept of creating handmade nautical rope bracelets from recycled beach rope was born. The goal was to create colorful, cool and stylish jewelry from "beach trash". Several prototypes were created out of rope debris. Friends & family loved the bracelets and supported cause for beach cleanups and a product was born.

The symbol and brand "Planet Love Life" came shortly after. The logo is a trademarked symbol that represents the Planet Love Life brand. Each of the three elements of our logo represent a part of our global perspective.

Planet Love Life Logo: One Life One Love One Planet

    • Planet - Our mother earth is represented by the circle of life.
    • Love - A heart symbolizes our love for the earth and the life within it.
    • Life - The appreciation for all forms of life is represented by the ankh.




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