Ghost Gear Collection Reward Project

In an effort to support local beach cleanup projects, we have launched a Ghost Gear Collection & Reward Program!

ghost gear collection

Planet Love Life is connecting with organizations and individuals around the world who share a common goal of beach and ocean debris cleanup. We are specifically interested in receiving donations of ghost nets and fishing rope gear. We appreciate your efforts to help prevent wildlife entanglements and support a great cause. In exchange for your rope donations we will create and send you FREE rope bracelets handcrafted from your donated rope! (1 free bracelet for every pound of usable rope donated)

marine debris collection


  • Condition - (little to no fraying, no barnacles or algae growth)
  • Size - (we are currently only accepting rope between 1mm & 10mm in thickness)
  • Type - Salvaged Marine Debris (Must be collected from beaches or waterways)
  • Cleaning - You do not need to wash the rope or nets, we will handle it!
  • Free Stuff- When you love the Planet, the Planet loves you back! In exchange for your donation, you will receive free bracelets, keychains, & stickers (We will produce and send you 1 bracelet, 1 keychain, and 1 stickers per usable pound of rope donated)
  • Quantity - We recommend using USPS priority flat rate shipping option. Fill up a medium or large flat rate box and send it to us.
  • Contact - (Please include your contact information along with your mailing address)


    Planet Love Life: 3303 Yellowknife Cir, Wimauma FL 33598


    • Chikako Hashimoto Lichnowsky

      Hello ! My name is chikako. I am living in Rio de janeiro Brazil. I love your work and idea. If I send rope to you , will you send bracelets to me(Brazil)? or only inside of America? - I found you at Instagram. Have a good day~!

    • wofguilford
      i LOVE your brand! I found you of your Instagram and since then love browsing through your bracelets and necklaces and am hoping to purchase a few. This new rope donation idea is a great way to get people to clean-up beaches. I know if I stumble upon rope I will definitely send it your way.

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