Marine Debris Fundraisers

Tired of promoting the same old chocolate bars and cookies? Add value to your fundraiser by supporting a movement and product with a purpose!

forest glen fundraiser students

Planet Love Life is very excited to provide fundraising opportunities for schools and booster clubs while spreading a positive message of awareness and marine conservation! In 2017, we are working with clubs and organizations to promote marine debris awareness!

forest glenn middle school

Led by their marine science teacher, Mitchell Comiskey, the students at Forest Glen Middle School in Coral Springs, FL are increasing ocean awareness by promoting  a sustainable lifestyle by selling Planet Love Life bracelets. These Forest Glen students are part of the NOAA Ocean Guardian Classroom project, and have specifically dedicated themselves to marine debris awareness. They have done numerous beach and waterway cleanups, built monofilament recover and recycling bins with FWC and work with the Sea2Shore Alliance marine debris program. We applaud the efforts and support of these young scholars who are helping to bring attention to this important issue that faces our planet.

broward county schools

You can also support the Forest Glen Middle School fundraiser by using the 15% OFF discount code "FORESTGLEN" when shopping at our

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