Mono-Clean-O-Thon 2017

The Mono-Clean-O-Thon is an event that took place on March 4th, 2017 and was organized by Tampa Bay Watch, an organization that is actively involved in the battle against marine debris. Planet Love Life helped with the event by participating in the cleanup and providing prizes for the participants. With the help of volunteers, Tampa Bay Watch removes and recycles an estimated 50,000 feet of fishing line per year. Our volunteers take responsibility for—or "adopt"—a mono tube, monitoring and collecting fishing line and delivering it to Tampa Bay Watch, where they send it out for recycling.

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During the event, a crew of 42 volunteers were able to clean over 50 MILES of fishing line that will now be recycled and also transformed into a new collection of marine debris awareness bracelets by Planet Love Life. The line will be sent to Berkley Fishing to be recycled into fishing equipment or fish habitats instead of being out in the environment and potentially harming wildlife.  

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Monofilament ("mono") fishing line is a serious threat to birds and other wildlife in the Tampa Bay area and throughout Florida. Discarded fishing line and other dangerous entangling debris collects in local bird sanctuaries and colonial nesting areas where birds and other wildlife can easily become entangled or hooked. Birds hooked at fishing piers or elsewhere may return to nesting colonies or roosts, trailing line that drapes over trees and ultimately endangers the lives of many other animals. 

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Tampa Bay and the Gulf coast contain some of the most important bird colonies in the entire state. In fact, the National Audubon's Florida Coastal Islands Sanctuaries directly protects or assists in the protection of more than 50,000 breeding pairs of birds of 25 species, many of which are endangered, threatened, or a designated species of special concern.

Tampa Bay Watch Volunteers

Please be sure to always properly dispose of your line! Fishing line is a high density plastic and requires a special recycling process. It cannot go into most regular household recycling bins.You can deposit it in special cardboard recycling boxes which can be found in some tackle shops, or in an outdoor monofilament recycling container. Or, you can mail it directly to Berkley (call 1-800-BERKLEY)

Pure Fishing America (Berkley)
1900 18th Street,
Spirit Lake, IA 51360-1041


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