About Us

Our Logo

The Planet Love Life logo is a trademarked symbol that represents our brand and love for the Earth and all the life that lives within it. Each of the three elements of our logo represent a part of our global perspective.

          Planet Love Life Logo: One Life One Love One Planet

    • Planet - The circle represents our planet, mother Earth.
    • Love - The heart symbolizes our love for the planet and the life within it.
    • Life - The ankh is a symbol of life and our respect for all its forms.

Who is Planet Love Life?

Planet Love Life is more than a brand, its a state of mind! We are an eco-friendly organization dedicated to creating innovative ways of recycling salvaged marine debris and educating the public about the harmful effects of pollution in our oceans. Our brand and products represent a passion for the environment and help start conversations about becoming part of the solution to clean beaches and healthy oceans.planet love life symbol sand art sculpture beach sandcastle

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