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About Us

What is Planet Love Life?

planet love life symbol sand art sculpture beach sandcastlePlanet Love Life is more than a brand, its a state of mind! We are an eco-friendly organization dedicated to creating innovative ways of recycling salvaged marine debris and educating the public about the harmful effects of pollution in our oceans. Our brand and products represent a passion for the environment and help start conversations about becoming part of the solution to clean beaches and healthy oceans. We are not just preaching, but we are leading by example. Planet Love Life founders and volunteers regularly participate in community outreach programs and cleanup projects. 

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Our Logo

The Planet Love Life logo is a trademarked symbol that represents our brand and love for the Earth and all the life that lives within it. Each of the three elements of our logo represent a part of our global perspective.

             Planet Love Life Logo: One Life One Love One Planet

    • Planet - The circle represents our planet, mother Earth.
    • Love - The heart symbolizes our love for the planet and the life within it.
    • Life - The ankh is a symbol of life and our respect for all its forms.


Our products are created from marine debris that is collected and salvaged during beach cleanup projects. We also cooperate with fishermen who recycle their old lobster pot ropes. Planet Love Life organizes cleanups in the remote islands of the Bahamas every year. The founders, Rob & Brittany Webster actively participate in local cleanups in Florida. We also receive donations of rope from beach cleanup organizations, fellow ocean lovers, and beach goers. Each bracelet, necklace, and keychain represents the life of a marine animal saved from wildlife entanglement.


brittany webster  Rob Webster  

Planet Love Life was co-founded by husband and wife team:

Rob Webster & Brittany Webster



laura labeurLaura La Beur is one of our talented blog writers. Laura has experience in environmental education and scientific research. She has a B.S. in Marine and Environmental science from Florida Atlantic University. A true Florida native, Laura joins us with a passion for all things ocean. Laura loves SCUBA diving and her favorite ocean creatures are nudibranchs and octopus."

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