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Brand Ambassadors

Want to get involved? We are looking for brand ambassadors for Planet Love Life to help spread love and respect for our planet and the life within it. Being a brand ambassador has its benefits...


  • NEWSLETTER: We will be releasing PLL news, upcoming events, and special announcements through our newsletter and social media pages!
  • EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS: As a brand ambassador, you will be given exclusive & early access to new Planet Love Life products! We can't wait to share our new designs with you!
  • DISCOUNTS: When you love the Planet, the Planet loves you back! Our Brand Ambassadors Planeteers enjoy exclusive discounts and coupons!
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(Pictured Above: Forest Glen Middle School Student Brand Ambassadors)

What is required to become a Planet Love Life Planeteer?  
  • EVERYONE is welcome to join our team of like-minded Ocean conservationists, regardless of your species, age, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, location or political beliefs. We believe in equality and acceptance of ALL human beings and animals alike! 
  • We require that you have a deep love for the ocean & respect for all life on planet Earth.
  • Invite Friends & Family to "like" our Facebook page.
  • Post & Share photos of our products to: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & Twitter. 
  • Support your local community by volunteering & participating in cleanups.
  • REDUCE your use of unnecessary & "disposable" plastics such as (Balloons, Straws, & Plastic Bags, Etc)
  • REUSE items instead of throwing them away! (Start with a reusable water bottle!)
  • RECYCLE paper, plastic & other items whenever possible. Every handful counts! (Remember... there is no "away" - Dr. Sylvia Earle)
  • Spread marine debris awareness whenever possible through social media and word of mouth. PLL products are great conversation starters!
  • Love is contagious! Lead by example and live the Planet Love Life lifestyle! 

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What are you waiting for? Sign up NOW to become a PLL Planeteer! CLICK HERE

If you have trouble viewing this form, you can send a manual application to us via E-Mail to

Please include: (Name, Location, Social Media Accounts, Why do you want to be a Planeteer?)