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Common Cause Non-Profit Organizations:

Planet Love Life partners with environmentally friendly brands, artists and community outreach programs. Contact us to post events and get involved with your local community. Check out these like-minded organizations who share similar interests and goals. We believe that through our commonalities, we can build the foundation for others to create a better tomorrow. 

 Bruckner Chase Ocean Positive  Restore Americas Estuaries   Sea2Shore Alliance Link

  Bahamas Plastic Movement  Sharks For Kids Keep Tampa Bay Beautiufl  noaa marine debris

Stow It Don't Throw It Website Link    sustainable coastlines hawaiiOlive Ridley Project

ocean conservancy Balloons Blow

Marine Debris Arts & Crafts:

All across the planet, people are salvaging and re-purposing marine debris in various forms. The love and passion for life exceeds the boundaries of distance and spreads like a rising tide in a shallow bay. Please check out these artists and show them your love... One Life, One Love, One Planet!

Support your community by purchasing eco-friendly products, participating in cleanup projects, and spreading the word about marine debris!

Cleanup Organizations:

(Coming Soon!!)