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Mandarin Goby Bracelet

Planet Love Life

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Mandarin Goby - Marine Debris Awareness Bracelet

Mandarin Dragonets are fairly solitary creatures, preferring to lie low in reefs and lagoons while bottom-feeding on small crustaceans and other invertebrates. Instead of scales, they're covered in a thick coating of slime, which makes it both resistant to parasitic marine diseases and much less attractive to hungry predators—a handy way to be left alone, though it’s not enough to deter humans looking for either a seafood delicacy or a stunning pet.

mandarin dragonet

Humans are the mandarin dragonet's primary threat. In private aquariums, the mandarin’s peaceful disposition and food-fussiness are more curse than blessing—it’s poorly equipped to compete with any tankmates for food, especially from a supply that’s less diverse and plentiful than in its natural habitat. Consequently, the average life expectancy of the mandarin dragonet declines from 10-15 years in the wild to 2-4 years in captivity.

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These nautical rope bracelets are handcrafted from recycled lobster pot rope. Each piece of salvaged rope is unique with slight variations in color and condition, caused by natural weathering. All bracelets are 100% waterproof & fastened with a custom tag featuring the Planet Love Life logo and brand name. Join us in supporting this important cause by helping spread awareness of marine debris and its negative impacts on the environment. 

 Each bracelet purchased helps keep our oceans clean & represents the life of a marine animal saved from entanglement.




Product Details:

  • Color: Purple / Green / Orange / Black
  • Size: Adjustable (6 - 8" wrist)
  • Rope Thickness: 5mm 
  • Hardware: Stainless Steel
  • Waterproof: YES

    Rope donated by Cape Porpoise Trading Co.



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