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Blue Ring Octopus Necklace

Planet Love Life

  • $ 20.00

Blue Ring Octopus Necklace

recycled blue glass bottle charm necklacePlanet Love Life marine debris awareness necklaces are made with recycled fishing line, recovered during beach cleanup projects. These necklaces come with a Planet Love Life silver colored charm, hanging inside a recycled glass ring. The glass rings are made from recycled bottles collected during beach cleanup projects and donated by local organizations in the Bahamas. Specifically, these rings are handcrafted by a talented artist and individual living on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. Her name is Katiana Evans and she sells handmade jewelry at her shop called the "Blue Seahorse" located in Rock Sound, Eleuthera. You can visit her facebook page for more information about Katiana and the Blue Seahorse gift shop. CLICK HERE


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