Ocean Positive

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Buckner Chase Ocean Positive

 The ultimate Waterman’s and Waterwoman’s bracelet

Professional Waterman and his foundation Bruckner Chase Ocean Positive live by the mantra, “What we do IN the oceans makes us athletes.  What we do FOR the oceans and FOR our communities makes us Watermen and Waterwomen.” 

These bracelets capture that spirit and  are designed to hold up through any endeavor in the ocean or on land.  They include a reminder of the Ocean Positive vision to instill in everyone the Passion to Care, Strength to Act and Vision to Inspire. 

Why blue and yellow:  Bruckner Chase has a special relationship with the community of American Samoa and specifically the village of Aunu’u.  In 2011 he was given the Matai (Chief) title of Uila o le Sami which translates to “Lightning in the Ocean.”  These bracelets capture the spirit of being the lightning that positively impacts our blue world. 



 Passion to Care, Strength to Act, Vision to Inspire


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