Restore America's Estuaries

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Restore Americas Estuaries

Planet Love Life has partnered with Restore America's Estuaries, a non-profit organization. In support of their cause, we are donating proceeds from the sale of every RAE charm bracelet and to this wonderful organization. We applaud their efforts and ask you to join us in support of their cause. 


Rae charmsRestore America's Estuaries is dedicated to the protection and restoration of bays and estuaries as essential resources for our nation. Restore America’s Estuaries is a national alliance of 10 coastal conservation groups that stretch from Rhode Island to Washington State. Local projects restore coastal wetlands, improve water quality, open fish passages, build living shorelines, re-plant salt marshes and restore shellfish habitat. They provide a united voice for coastal conservation in the nation’s capital and advance the science and practice of protecting and restoring estuaries through on-the ground projects, groundbreaking science, high-level meetings, and the power of convening people.

    Mangroves protect shorelines from damaging storm and hurricane winds, waves, and floods. Mangroves also help prevent erosion by stabilizing sediments with their tangled root systems. They maintain water quality and clarity, filtering pollutants and trapping sediments originating from land. Serving as valuable nursery areas for shrimp, crustaceans, mollusks, and fishes, mangroves are a critical component of Florida's commercial and recreational fishing industries. These habitats provide a rich source of food while also offering refuge from predators.

    black mangroves

    These nautical rope bracelets are handcrafted from recycled marine rope debris collected during beach cleanup projects. Each piece of salvaged rope is unique with slight variations in color and condition, caused by natural weathering. All bracelets are 100% waterproof & fastened with a custom tag featuring the Planet Love Life logo and brand name. Join us in supporting this important cause by helping spread awareness of marine debris and its negative impacts on the environment.

     Each bracelet purchased helps keep our oceans clean & represents the life of a marine animal saved from entanglement.

    Product Details:

    • Color: Black
    • Hardware: Brass Alloy
    • Size: Adjustable (6 - 7.5" wrist)
    • Rope Thickness: 5mm
    • Waterproof: Yes (Wash with fresh water after exposure to salt for best results)
    • Location Found: Key Largo Florida (During International Coastal Cleanup Day 2016 by Marine Lab)




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