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Remora Bracelet

Planet Love Life

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A remora is a small fish that usually average between one and three feet in length. Their front dorsal fins have evolved over time into an organ that acts like a suction cup on the top of their heads. This organ is used to attach the fish to a passing shark, usually on the shark's belly or underside. They have also been known to attach to whales, manta rays, and the occasional diver.

ramora  shark and remora relationship

The shark and remora relationship benefits both species. Remoras are able to eat scraps of prey dropped by the shark. They also feed off of parasites on the shark's skin and in its mouth.The remora receives more than just a convenient food source; it is also protected from predators and given free transportation through the oceans. By keeping the waters clear of scraps around the shark, the remoras prevent the development of unhealthy organisms near the shark. Sharks have been observed slowing down in the water, even risking their own survival, in order to allow remoras to attach themselves.

These bracelets are handcrafted from recycled marine rope. Each piece of salvaged rope is unique with slight variations in color and condition, caused by natural weathering. All bracelets are 100% waterproof. Join us in supporting this important cause by helping spread awareness of marine debris and its negative impacts on the environment.

Each bracelet purchased helps keep our oceans clean & represents the life of a marine animal saved from entanglement.


Product Details:

  • Color: Black / White
  • Size: Adjustable (6 - 8" wrist)
  • Rope Thickness: 5mm 
  • Hardware: Antique Brass
  • Waterproof: YES







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